Thursday, September 18, 2014

Autumn and Halloween Digital Stamps

 I LOVE fall, the weather, the colors, the themes. I especially miss the fall leaves and weather up north having been moved and raised in Florida since I was little. But I still remember those beautiful leaves (the piles we would jump in!) and that crisp autumn air. Here are are three autumn and or Halloween digistamps.My best friend, Midnite, and I joined together to make a few cards (our first try but it was fun!).

 Using my newest stamp, a girl reading in fall
I admit it, I am a complete bookworm and relate to this piece.

Using my cute new little witch and ghost digistamp

 New digistamp for Wicked, the witches Elphaba and Glinda from Oz
My best friend and I adore this musical and these two characters. We would totally dress as them for Halloween one year. 

Pumpkin picking was one of my favorite outings when I was little. :)

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  1. Great images. Love them all! The wicked one looks gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Aurora! :D I got to see Wicked last year after years of wanting to so couldn't help being inspired.